Hannity and Colmes - Hannity and Colmes (Tuesday, March 25,...

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Hannity and Colmes (Tuesday, March 25, 2008 @ 6:00PM) On tonight’s Hannity and Colmes, Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes covered three main issues among a handful of smaller ones. The three main issues they discussed were: 1. Hilary Clinton’s lies on her trip to Bosnia in 1996, saying that she had to run from snipers, 2. Clinton’s comments on Pastor Wright’s comments, coming two weeks after the story first made headline news, and 3. The democrats strategy for attacking McCain. Other news that made headlines are that John McCain has received endorsement from Nancy Reagan. The moderators where of course, Sean Hannity representing the conservative angle, and Alan Colmes who represents liberal views. Panelists included Robert Novak, Juan Williams and later Frank Luntz. Robert Novak and Juan Williams debated with the moderators about the story that Hilary Clinton told. The story she told was that while making a visit to Bosnia in 1996, she became underfire by snipers. This story was proven false by a video showing her arriving, standing around and laughing, taking pictures, etc. She came out and made a statement saying that she did lie, or exaggerate the truth. Panelist Juan Williams doesn’t doubt that she was told by the CIA that there could be snipers, and thinks that the story she told was just so to create hype and glorify herself. Afterward the show went on to talk about Clinton’s comments on Pastor Wright, which came just as the
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Hannity and Colmes - Hannity and Colmes (Tuesday, March 25,...

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