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1 1 IST 240 Thu (3/20) Chapter 8: Inheritance Hwk #8: Ex 8.3, 8.4, 8.8 Due: Tue 3/25 11:59pm For Ex 8.8: you can make up whatever parent/child classes you want. One possibility is: Parent class: Car Child class: SportsCar Hwk #7: Ex 7.1, 7.3, 7.5, PP 7.1 Due: Sun 3/23 11:59pm Tue (3/25) Teamwork: Implementation Thu (3/27) Review Ch 5-8 Chapter 9: Polymorphism & Interfaces Tue (4/1) Exam #2: Ch 5-8 2 8.1 – Inheritance Inheritance allows a software developer to derive a new class from an existing one The existing class is called the parent class, or superclass , or base class The derived class is called the child class or subclass As the name implies, the child inherits characteristics of the parent That is, the child class inherits the methods and data defined by the parent class
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