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class12 Notes - 1 1 IST 240 Thu (2/21) Ch 6: Introduction...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 IST 240 Thu (2/21) Ch 6: Introduction to Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) Hwk #5 PP 6.1 with optional extra credit: 6.3 (i.e., do 6.2 but with only one listener) Due: Fri 2/29 at 11:59pm Send Jung-woo email about teammate preferences by Sunday (2/24). Only one email per requested team Can request anywhere from 2-5 people Teams will generally be about 5 people, so if you send in a set of 3 people who want to work together, we will probably match you up with 2 other folks. Tue (2/26) More Ch 6 & GUIs Thu (2/28) Teamwork: Project topic selection and design 2 6.1 GUI Elements Examples from previous chapters are known as command-line applications , which interact with the user through simple prompts and feedback Command-line applications lack the rich user experience With GUI, the user is not limited to responding to prompts in a particular order and receiving feedback in one place 2 3 6.1 GUI Elements Three kinds of objects are needed to create a GUI in Java components events listeners Component an object that defines a screen element used to display information or allow the user to interact with the program A container is a special type of component that is used to hold and organize other components 4 6.1 GUI Elements Event an object that represents some occurrence in which we may be interested Often correspond to user actions (mouse button press, keyboard key press) Most GUI components generate events to indicate a user action related to that component...
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class12 Notes - 1 1 IST 240 Thu (2/21) Ch 6: Introduction...

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