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Ryan Williams Professor Hofstetter 24 April 2007 ID 103 – 18 Society’s Rejection: It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Wars throughout history have all been different for many obvious reasons. The Revolutionary War was fought against Britain for our nation’s independence. The Civil War was fought on our own soil, brother against brother, in order to put an end to slavery in the United States. The World Wars defended the thoughts and ideals of what our country held to be true. However, one war, in the blink of an eye, changed America’s opinion on war all together. The soldiers that fought in this war were not given a warm welcome home as veterans of other wars had received in the past. They arrived home to shoulder blame and guilt for things they had been framed and constructed to do. The soldier’s potential in Vietnam was honorable and understandable. Much like Victor Frankenstein’s creation in the 1994 film version of Frankenstein , the United State’s presence in Vietnam was battling something much larger than itself: communism. This struggle and potential imitates that which Victor’s creation held. Victor, with his creation, might have been able to actually bring life back from the dead and play a larger role than any human should play. This leaves the soldiers and Frankenstein’s creation mere puppets in something that they have no control over. Frankenstein’s creation and the Vietnam War veterans are nearly identical in the role that they play in society. Both the veterans and Frankenstein’s creation reflect the general rejection of their acceptance in society.
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Williams 2 Victor creates his monster in response to the gruesome death of his mother while she is giving birth to Victor’s brother. Victor’s drive and passion is to understand human life and to conceive a method to undo death. He vows to his mother’s grave that no one will ever have to suffer from death again. Victor then creates his single soldier to do battle with death. In order to do this, he takes parts from others, and physically pieces them together until he forms the perfect creation. He plans to bestow life upon his creation and puts his plan into motion. From that point, Frankenstein has created the being that he feels will be the best tool for his vendetta. Upon creation Victor becomes able to restore animation to lifeless things, a major victory in his battle. When the United States military takes its new members into basic training, they mentally and physically fatigue the new soldiers until they are willing to comply to anything that is commanded of them. They are introduced to the “7 army values (loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage)” and these values are forced upon them ( The soldiers’ exhaustion does not allow them to make conscious changes to anything and they are subject to. Essentially, they are in the hands of their drill sergeants. This is where the soldiers become like Frankenstein’s Creation
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LAST PAPER! - Ryan Williams Professor Hofstetter 24 April...

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