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Works Cited - (used#22 and the model on page 152 Long Beverly Whitaker and Charles H Grant III “The Surprising Range of the Possibile Families

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Williams 4326 Works Cited Alechem, Shalom. Around the Table: Family Stories of Shalom . Trans. Aliza Shevron. Ed. Aliza Shevron. Illus. Toby Gowing. New York: Scribner, 1991. (used #8) Davis, Donald. “An Interview With Donald Davis”. Wilson Library Bulletin . 67 (Oct. 1992): 52-53. (used #55) Kezenesof, Elizabeth Anne. “The History of the Family in Latin America.” Latin American Research Review 24.2 (1989): 168-89.
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Unformatted text preview: (used #22 and the model on page 152) Long, Beverly Whitaker, and Charles H. Grant III. “The Surprising Range of the Possibile: Families Communication in Fiction.” Communication Education 41 (1992): 89-108. (used #2) Rosenbluth, Vera. Keeping Family Stories Alive: A Creative Guide to Taping Your Family Life and Lore . Point Roberts, WA: Hartley and Marks, 1990. (used #16)...
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