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Ian Overbaugh Nutrition Outline UNIT 7 – HOW THE BODY USES FOOD: DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION Digestion, Absorption, and Transport o Digestion takes place in the GI Tract o Absorption takes place in the walls of the GI Tract and primarily small intestine o Transportation of nutrients takes place in the blood and lymphatic system o Metabolism – cells within target tissues o Excretion occurs in the large intestine (via anus), kidney, skin, hair and nails o The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is the flexible muscular tube from mouth to anus. Our bodies are in a continuous state of renewal. Materials used to renew body tissues come from the food we eat in the form of nutrients. About 5% of the components of cells are renewed daily Digestive System o 25 to 30 feet of muscular tubing and secretory organs o Secreted juices break foods down to building blocks: Carbohydrates to monosaccharides Proteins to amino acids Fats to fatty acids and glycerol Vitamins and minerals are not digested before absorption o Enzymes Over 100 in body secreted by salivary glands, stomach, and pancreas Reusable Solid foods stay in stomach for about an hour, liquids pass through in about 20 minutes High-fiber meals pass faster than low-fiber meals Small intestine is 10 feet long with 3 sections: o Duodenum o Jejunum o Ileum The end products of digestion are taken up by o Lymphatic vessels (fatty acids from fat breakdown) o Blood vessels (carbohydrate and protein breakdown products) for distribution to the body
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Exam study guide - Ian Overbaugh Nutrition Outline UNIT 7...

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