Religion 223 Letters of Paul

Religion 223 Letters of Paul - Religion 223 Letters of Paul...

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Religion 223 Letters of Paul 1/29/08 Paul Ca. 10-62 AD 1. 27 Writings in the Bible a. 13 are letters of Paul b. Book of Acts ….1/2 is about the life of Paul 2. Originally thought that Hebrews was written by Paul I. Last of letters came during the early 60’s 1. 7 of Paul’s letters are “undoubted”…scholars believe written by Paul (SOLID 7) a. 2. 6 of Paul’s letters are disputed ….may not be written by Paul 3. Colossians, Ephesians, 1&2 Timothy, Titus, 2 Thessalonians, * Not all of Paul’s letter’s have been found…ie…Paul’s letter to Laodacia II. Nature of letters 1. Pastoral Epistles a. Letters fit age AFTER Paul b. Letters are considered “pseudonymous” …written under the name of Paul i. Pseudonymity/Pseudepigraphy – done to honor a revered teacher of the past and to bring that person’s ideas to new situations (after that person’s death) Paul dictated letters …. Sometimes writes for himself and “colleagues” ie… Timothy, III. Structure of Paul’s letters A. Greets, “Paul an apostle of God” a. Sometimes greets ‘defensively’ in the way that he B. Thanksgiving…I thank God always for you when I pray a. Letter to Galatians…does not give thanksgiving C. Body a. Tailored to each congregation i. Gives moral “exhortation”…practical advice on living the Christian life = parenesis ii. Theological underpinning/rational to get Christians to become who they are in Christ…who Christ wants you to be…you need to live that out D. Tells of travel plans…shout outs to certain people IV. Manuscripts of Paul’s letters A. Some statistics….779 manuscripts…hand copied 1. 85% of mans. Are from 11 th century and later 2. Oldest (virtually) complete mans. from 200 AD 3. Most from 200-700 AD are fragmentary
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4. None are the exactly the same because of “hand copying” B. Letters had different fates a. 2 Corinthians looks like a composite of 2, 3 or more Corinthian letters *Apocrypha – Books not in the NT …3 Cor…definitely not written by Paul V. Early collections of Paul’s letters A. Not until Athanasius wrote canonical letter a. radical dualist…different God in OT and NT b. Assumption that Marcion tampered with text…”Paul wouldn’t have written this!” C. Other early collections a. Earliest counted Corinthians and Romans as one letter…. .Philemon not in b. p46 …papyrus 46….Chester Beatty i. doesn’t have Titus and Timothy VI. Different theories of who collected and edited Paul’s letters A. Paul’s congregations swapped letters B. Man traveled in Paul’s steps collected the letters from his travels C. Paul’s friends kept his letters (Priscilla and Aquila) D. Paul himself wanted a testament…that he’d fought the good fight VII. Why so little use of Paul’s letters in 2 nd and 3 rd Century? A. Their difficulty and potential for distortion …. Things can easily be twisted
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Religion 223 Letters of Paul - Religion 223 Letters of Paul...

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