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Rel 223 Letters of Paul notes 2

Rel 223 Letters of Paul notes 2 - 2 Corinthians is a...

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3/18/08 2 Corinthians is a composite of letters, perhaps written in this order: Compilation of 2,3 or more Corinthian letters or letter excerpts Chaps. 8-9 - two administrative letters concerning the collection o Chapter 8 Written to Christians in Corinth o Chapter 9 Written to Christians outside of the city of Corinth Chaps. 10-13 – abrupt shift in content - the “letter of tears” mentioned in 2:4; 7:8 (very negative, harsh, self-defensive) o Trying to shake some sense into the Corinthians Chaps. 1-7 – abrupt shifts in tone - a conciliatory letter - Travelogue begun 2:12-13 “interrupted” by chaps 3-6 and then resumed in 7:5-16 - Chaps 8 and 9 look like administrative memos – both deal with the collection - Seem redundant - 6:14 – 7:1 look like an interpolation (interrupts the flow) has a lot of non-Pauline vocabulary Why is 2 Corinthians an interpolation? - Maybe there was a lot of content overlap - Maybe, “Let’s present the good news first” - Maybe they didn’t have the full text Salutation (1:1-2) - Similar to 1 Corinthians greeting Thanksgiving in the form of a blessing for God delivering Paul (1:3-7, 8-11) - Being comforted in the midst of suffering Paul Recounts his relationship with the Corinthians (1:12-2:13; 7:5-16) Paul’s boast (1:12-14) Paul postponed a visit in order to avoid another painful confrontation (1:15-2:4) o I was going to come, but I was still hurt. I didn’t want to cause a scene Paul mentions the “painful/tearful letter” he had written them (2:4) o Wrote a letter to the church The Corinthians should readmit the person who offended Paul on his last visit (2:5-11) o If you forgive anyone for anything, I will also forgive you. Echoes the teaching of Jesus and the practice of the time Paul is not win Macedonia and has met up with Titus (2:12-13) o 2:13 to 7:5 editorial “seam” See 7:5-16 for what looks like a resumption of the travelogue in 2:12-13: Titus’ favorable report about the positive effect of Paul’s tearful letter. Paul defends his apostleship as minister of new covenant in Spirit (2:14-6:10) Paul is Christ’s captive (2:14-17)
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The Corinthians are Paul’s living “letters of recommendation” (3:1-3) o Sophists used “letters” to “get in the door” in a new community Paul describes his gospel ministry via a midrash on Jeremiah 31:31 and Exodus 34:29-35 Midrash = interpretation; label for the most common method of interpretation in ancient Judaism. It involved 1. Going to an OT text in search of keywords and image and event o Based on the spirit…because the letter kills o Paul is picking up imagery from the old covenant to allude to the new covenant o Covenant doesn’t produce change in a human heart We have a willful stubborn human nature New covenant will give a change in the heart instead of on stone Paul believes that new Christians receive a portion of Jesus’ spirit Glory = God’s presence Jeremiah 31:31-33 Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the
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Rel 223 Letters of Paul notes 2 - 2 Corinthians is a...

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