Bio 111 Thinking like a biologist

Bio 111 Thinking like a biologist - -Control group-Double...

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Bio 111 – Thinking like a Biologist Concepts/Objectives Steps of the Scientific Method - Observation – after looking at something, consider the problem, try to make sense of it - Question – ask a question about the problem - Hypothesis – try to explain the problem - Prediction – guess what will happen if your explanation is correct - Test: Experiment (or observation) Importance of a properly designed experiment - Large sample size
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Unformatted text preview: -Control group-Double blind design-Statistics take personal bias out of interpretation Science as a self-correcting process The end conclusion is a new observation Science as a creative process Forces experimenter to think outside of the box Pseudoscience uses science inappropriately to manipulate the public Limitations/scope of science this is limited by what we can sense...
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