Bio 111D Genetics

Bio 111D Genetics - Sometimes there is co-dominance like in...

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Bio III Genetics Terms Gene – like a garage Allele – like the cars in a garage Genotype – the way that it is written ie…Rr Phenotype – the way that it looks ie… Red Homozygous – Both parents give the same trait. When it’s written, it looks like RR Heterozygous – Both parents give a different trait. When written, it looks like Rr Mendelian mathematics Rule of multiplication Rule of addition Gregory Mendel – around about the same time as Darwin. - Darwin had no advantage of knowing what a gene was - Mendel was a monk o In 1800’s seminaries/monastaries did science o Learned about creation to learn about creator Peas – did a lot of work with peas Seven Traits – Mendel was lucky…because 7 different traits chosen were on 7 different chromosomes (so they were independently assorted) Cross/Hybridization P-generation – parental generation F-generation – filial generation F2 – second generation F1 cross – inbreeding between “siblings” Hypotheses Law of dominance – when 2 different traits occur in an individual, one trait is expressed
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes there is co-dominance like in blood: can be A, B, O, or AB Law of independent assortment chromosomes are reduced in half, first pair Question: Why is independent assortment important? Because it creates variation Single-factor cross Steps o Assign a symbol for each allele o Determine the genotype of each parent and indicate a mating o Determine all the possible kinds of gametes each parent can produce o Determine all the gene combinations that can result when these gametes unite o Determine the phenotype of each possible gene combination IeRrLl Genes: Color, Ligule Alleles R= Red, r=colorless and L=ligule, l = liguless true-breeding = homozygous (ie. RR or rr) RRll x rrLL How many gametes can be formed from this? AaBbCcDD 2 to the n power when n = heterozygous genes So, 2x2x2 = 8 The way to test for sex-linkage is to switch roles and look at the results....
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Bio 111D Genetics - Sometimes there is co-dominance like in...

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