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Bio Journal 3 Natural Selection

Bio Journal 3 Natural Selection - related to other elements...

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Sarah Frank Bio 111 D Journal Natural selection makes sense. If you look at genes and the mutations, it seems very possible to me that “mistakes”…which are in the form of genetic mutations could lead to changes in a species. Just as albinism or dwarfism in humans occurs, I believe that it is perfectly possible for abnormal traits to express themselves in all organisms….which may be beneficial for their situation. Therefore, it also makes sense that specific traits would help certain organisms live longer lives and therefore reproduce more…so that species actually do evolve! The idea that weaker traits (in weaker species) die out follows this line of logic. Past that, I don’t believe that humans evolved from “yeast.” Yeast doesn’t have a soul, and I believe that humans were created with a soul. I don’t really understand that part of evolution…or of a common ancestor. I think that it is neat that we are genetically so
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Unformatted text preview: related to other elements in earth, like bananas. To me, it seems like almost a “sign from God” that we are all his. We are alike and different and each play a part of life. We are all Gods creation. I think that is incredibly neat. I believe this because I don’t know if there is any other way to explain how species survive and change. With evidence such as the fossil record, I think it negates many biblical arguments. I don’t want to stomp on Christians, but I think scientists have gotten an unfair rap. You wouldn’t call your average housewife to be the deciding factor in what she believes is the right course of action for the war in Iraq. But, somehow pastors and Christians who have never studied biology are experts on natural selection. I don’t know that there is any other way to explain how species survive and change....
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