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ISB_208L_Invasive_Species_Red_Fox - Kevin McElmurry...

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Kevin McElmurry A39406939 Invasive Species: The Red Fox The Red Fox is the most widely distributed carnivore in the world. It originated from the Arctic to northern Africa, Canada, the continental United States, Europe, northern Asia, Central America, and the Middle East. Today the Red Fox still lives in its originated locations but it is now more abundant, especially in Australia and the United States. The Red Fox was introduced to Australia in the mid 1800s because of hunting and sporting purposes. There is also mention of it being introduced to control the brown hare numbers. The Red Fox has triggered many problems in Australia. This is because it has single-handedly caused several small mammals to become extinct. It also can spread diseases, such as rabies, because of its widespread habitat range and its resistance to population control methods. Another location where the Red Fox poses problems is in California. It was brought to California by people interested in hunting and fur farming. The Red Fox is highly adaptable and a very adept and capable hunter. It is primarily a predator/carnivore, but also exhibits omnivorous behavior. It consumes everything from berries and eggs to reptiles, birds and small mammals. This allows it to eat successfully whenever food is scarce. It has adapted to urban areas and has been known to consume food from garbage cans and pet food dishes. People also often feed the Red Fox which violates public health and safety ordinances. It is also a clever adaptor to habitat changes and can survive and thrive in all but the most extreme dessert or tropical habitats. The Red Fox has no natural predators to keep its numbers low.
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The Red Fox causes many environmental and economic problems. The main reason why
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ISB_208L_Invasive_Species_Red_Fox - Kevin McElmurry...

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