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POLS209 Mission Response

POLS209 Mission Response - Sarah Frank Pols 209 A Mission...

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Sarah Frank Pols 209 A Mission Statement Response Calvin Colleges' mission, purpose, and commitment are found at www.calvin.edu/ about/mission.htm. The mission of the school is, “Through our learning, we seek to be agents of renewal in the academy, church and society." This means, that in all areas of our life, as Calvin students, we are expected to be "agents of renewal." "Agents of renewal" It is a popular catch-phrase around Calvin. Previous to my career at Calvin, I was unfamiliar with this idea. There are several reasons. The first is that I'm not from a Dutch "feeder" community. I live in Illinois, but near St. Louis. Also, I had never heard of the Christian Reformed Church. The only 'Christian' school in my town is Catholic. And the final reason is that I only visited Calvin on a whim because I was already visiting Cornerstone (my father's alma mater.) Since being accepted at Calvin the idea of being an agent of renewal has been pressed since Prelude. I wouldn’t be surprised if this theme was included in all of the
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