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My_Notes Complete - Book Seven Ages of Paris Class FR 137...

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Book: Seven Ages of Paris Class: FR 137 - French History Page 121 - Culture Louis XIV brought a sense of security to France Allowed Parisians to enjoy their leisure Grand Spectacles Games o Jeu de paume (like tennis) – became very popular Around 114 courts throughout Paris o Le mail (skittles - croquet) – for women o Gambling was the most popular in Versailles Family entertainments o Trictac, dominoes à became games like piquet, lansequenet, pharaon and hoca – all played for and with money Louis XIV gambled hugely For distraction: the theater and opera o Age of Louis XIV was also the age of Racine, Moliere, Bouleau, Lully and Couperin (poets and play writers) o The king had a passion for the stage o Comedie Francaise – had between 10,000 and 17,000 patrons o Mme. De Sevigne would always go to watch it, 10 to 12 times a year o Parterre (lower class) would pay the little they had to stand in discomfort Early theatres of Paris o Long and narrow (like the tennis courts they moved to) o Candle lit o There was not much division between audience and players – some people leaping on the stage o Violence was present – police had to intervene o More than once king had to intervene to stop the audience from whistling the actors Moliere’s Theatre o Royal protection o Title: “Troupe du Roi” o A body of soldiery tried entering without paying – killed the doorkeeper. Cast was also threatened.
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The actor Bejart - 75 years old, made them feel pity to stop the fighting Louis XIV o First king to offer support to artists and writers o 1677 - Racine was separated from the stage to be historiographer royal (like Boilieau) Destroyed his immense talent for writing, after Phedre, Racine never wrote another tragedy o Moliere - benefited greatly from Louis’s favors Residence was in Richelieu’s old quarter of the Palais Royal, shared with Scaramouche’s Comedie Italienne Things he wrote: L’Avare, about the destructive consequences of the pursuit of riches Le misanthrope, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, an attack on bourgeois pretensions Le Malade imaginaire, Tartuffe, an assault on religious hypocrisy The kings backup saved Molieres from serious trouble over Tartuffe – it was the most financially successful However, Tartuffe was banned for 5 years until 1669 Moliere died in 1673 Made audience ‘rire dans l’ame’ – laugh in the soul o Jean Baptiste Lully Ugly Italian, heavy drinker Father of French Opera – France had their first golden age thanks to him He was a dictator in his own realm, however King guided Louis XIV selected actor Philippe Quinault to interpret Lully’s Operas 1697 o Comedie Italienne was suppressed – without warning.
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My_Notes Complete - Book Seven Ages of Paris Class FR 137...

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