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English Extra Credit Final

English Extra Credit Final - Leyla Ramirez ESL 015 Wal-Mart...

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Leyla Ramirez ESL 015 Wal-Mart Extra Credit I believe it is always important to revise and reflect on what one has written. It is amazing how many mistakes we can find after thinking we had none. In the Wal-Mart essay for example, I did revised the parts I thought needed some work and went over it twice. Despite that, having received the final essay grade back I now know I could’ve revised it more than twice and could’ve seen more mistakes much more clearer if I had dedicated it more time. We, students, tend to skip one of the most important steps when writing an essay, which is final revision and therefore lose marks for it. Moreover, some of our problems arise from not having sufficient skills in the parts that compile an essay; such us introduction, topic sentences, amongst others. However, this is all part of the learning process. Learning how to write correctly takes a lot of time, and much more importantly; dedication and knowledge. In the Wal-Mart essay I expected a higher grade than what I got. I got a B and I expected an A. My expectations were merely based on in the fact that I believed I had achieved to explain my main three points, and that I was successful in transmitting my main ideas. However, I did not realize I still needed more improvement in my essay. I
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