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APC out of class Floyd - Tyler Stewart Appalachian Folk...

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Tyler Stewart Appalachian Folk Culture Out of Class Assignment – 11/14/07 Floyd The event took place in Floyd city at an old time general store. It took place on Friday November 2, 2007 at 7:00PM. At the country store there were people from the city and the area gathered to listen to music performed by live performers. Every Friday night at the Floyd general store musicians play and people from the community come to dance and sing along. This particular night Governor Cain and Governor Warner attended. Senator Ferguson and Senator Reynolds also attendee as did many supporters from their political party. Many of the people from Floyd also attended the event. There was a wide variety of age groups and about equal numbers of both genders. There was a place for people to buy food inside the store well as a selection of candy. The main types of acts of the night included singing, dancing, and playing instruments. The general tone of the event was friendly and lively as well as being very excited. The vast majority of the people seemed to be having a good time. Music and dance seemed to be the predominant folk lore genres yet there were example of material lore being sold. Upon arrival at 7:00PM we walked in and obtained tickets for the evening show for 3$ a person. Music had already began on the stage in the back of the store but for the time being we busied ourselves looking around at the material lore being sold in the store. On the right of the store there was a large selection of candy in large quantities stored in barrels being sold. In the middle there was a cash register selling tickets to the nights show as well as selling the merchandise of the store. Two people stood behind the counter and were very friendly to the customers. On the left hand side the store was a small restaurant of sorts that sold ice cream as well as other concessions. There were booths where people could sit and enjoy their food or talk with others away from the music in the back. If one were to go beyond these portions of the store the store opened up into an area full of chairs all pointing towards a stage where musicians were playing instruments including the banjo, guitar, upright bass, harpsichord, and various percussion. A female singer was singing the melody of a song along with the harpsichord. Male musicians were playing the other instruments and sometimes sang in accompaniment with the lead female singer. We busied ourselves for the first portion of time by looking around the general store part of the building at the various items for sale. We found
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APC out of class Floyd - Tyler Stewart Appalachian Folk...

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