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history essay

history essay - Averbukh Ryan Averbukh Professor Gold...

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Averbukh Ryan Averbukh Professor Gold History 32 4-19-07 Vitality of Relationships A crucial element in any type of relationship is the manner in which it is approached, either positively or negatively. In the early 1600’s, the early British colonies were basically a type of “virgin nation”, considering that it is only about 100 years into the discovery of the land and there are a lot of things which still need to be shaped or formed in order for a real nation to ensue. The first inhabitants on U.S. soil were the Native Americans. There presence was distinct before any others began coming over, so in essence, these are the people who knew all about the land and how to survive. They were living sufficient lives with no major disruptions until the onset of this need breed of individuals from the Europe. Native Americans held a very flexible and diverse culture and the ideas and beliefs which they maintained were a key part to there existence as a whole. When Europeans suddenly disrupted these ideas with new ones which they felt were more beneficial, the Native Americans were forced to protect the two most valuable elements in their possession: culture and land. Since there were not many materialistic things that the Indians owned, land was one of the crucial elements to survival because this is where they resided, grew food, and felt a sense of security as a community. Also, there culture was something which they were very devoted to, so any disruption of this would basically leave them clueless as to what is right and wrong. The fact that the U.S. territory was theirs to begin with meant that they were not going to give it up without a fight by using any means necessary to serve and protect. The economic evolution of the Early British colonies on this new world land created a massive struggle for resources and 1
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Averbukh land, with the most fit and well adapted group being able to utilize control. As a result of the power struggle, there was mass genocide and expulsion which a direct result of the unwillingness to compromise. With the World System Theory coming into play, the coexistence period, which was a period of time in which all relations between the two groups were prosperous and stable, between the European Americans and the Native Americans slowly vanished and forced each group to find any means to achieve the things they need to live a prosperous and efficient lifestyle. This was mainly due to the new European core trying viciously to exploit the American periphery for resources that are essential to survival. Clearly there is not enough of these resources to support to large groups so due to the strong competition, both groups abolished their “middle ground” (to which the Europeans brought their cultural superiority). Being that the Europeans are bringing brand new “ways of life” to the U.S., it allows them to feel ethnocentrism about their culture and put any other foreign beliefs into the pits and progress from there. The Era of Coexistence was a progressive time for Native Americans and Europeans,
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history essay - Averbukh Ryan Averbukh Professor Gold...

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