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rap paper - When examining the aesthetics of any type of...

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When examining the aesthetics of any type of music, there are distinct characteristics which allow the piece to evoke a certain response out of an individual. Whether it is something as sophisticated as verbal dexterity or something as simple as their attire, these qualities give each artist their own unique attribute to the hip-hop culture as a whole. As consumers of hip-hop products, we look to certain elements that fit our personal persona and we begin to develop a following based on this criteria. Through personal experience, we know that one the most beneficial ways to go about music is actually here the individual live. This allows us to view the person as a real life character with good qualities and not simply someone you here making headlines for their controversial lyrics. Assuming this, I had the chance to experience two completely different shows with very talented artists who were able to portray the validity of each style of rap to its fullest degree. Although the hip-hop culture encompasses a variety of different styles of rap, the two which I was able to witness pinpoint the West Coast style perfectly. So what made me enjoy these acts so much? Let us explore in depth and see where all the ideas were derived from. The first event which I attended was hosted at the 2 nd Street Jazz Bar and Grill (366 E. 2 nd St., LA) on November 23, 2007 at 10 p.m. The event was called Belly of the Beats 4 + Ivan Ives, which has been a popular venue for local MC’s and DJ’s from the Los Angeles circuit. According to the individuals who I spoke too outside before the vent started, this is a very respectable place to hold an event due the fact that the owner is an avid hip-hop fan, who is willing to do anything to help promote new and fresh talent. The owner is originally from Korea, but he immigrated to the U.S. to attempt a career in business. His establishment initially only began hosting jazz musicians but about 5-6 years he began receiving many requests from MC’s to have a place to host events, and agreed to it. I had a chance to briefly talk to him in the beginning, in which he told me all of this plus other trivial information.
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The event started off very slow, with the competitors having quick warm-up rhyme sessions outside and simply talking to one another. Although the event was supposed to begin at 10 p.m., the majority of the people did not start arriving until a little bit before 11 p.m. In terms of the types of music that were played, I would say that it was extreme to both ends of the spectrum. The first performer was “Casuality”, who is half of the group Kovert Live (also Kahlee), who seem to be big in the underground world of Los Angeles. He began by hyping up the crowd and making sure that everyone in there was in high spirits, ready to listen to what he had to offer. His style of rap was a very sophisticated type of rap, which did not have a very realistic backing behind it. In my opinion, it was a blend of conscious rap with a type of abstract rhyming that incorporated very high levels of
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rap paper - When examining the aesthetics of any type of...

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