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University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering Computer Science Division – EECS Spring 2000 Prof. Michael J. Franklin Midterm Exam #1 SOLUTIONS February 28, 2000 CS 162 Operating Systems Your Name: Anne Cerky SID and 162 Login: 123456789 cs162zz TA Name: E Djikstra Discussion Section: Section 13 - Sunday 7:30 am General Information: This is a closed book examination. You have 1 hour and 20 minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Partial credit will be given. There are 100 points in all. You should read all of the questions before starting the exam, as some of the questions are substantially more time-consuming than others. Write all of your answers directly on this paper. Be sure to clearly indicate your final answer for each question. Also, be sure to state any assumptions that you are making in your answers. Please try to be as concise as possible . GOOD LUCK!!! Problem Possible Score 1. Thread Basics (3 parts) 20 20 2. Synchronization (5 parts) 35 35 3. Using Semaphores (3 parts) 15 15 4. Deadlock (3 parts) 15 15 5. Atomicity (2 parts) 15 15 TOTAL 100 100!
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