5473_2 - Analysis of Client Acceptance (Guitar Center):...

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Analysis of Client Acceptance (Guitar Center): After thoroughly investigating Guitar Center, Inc. we decided to accept the company as a client due to the following factors: Our firm has the necessary staff available who are qualified and had experience in the industry. We have the expertise needed to complete the engagement on a timely basis in accordance with professional standards. In addition, our firm is independent of the client. Guitar Center, Inc (GC) is currently the largest musical instrument retailer in the world. They have established a solid position in the music industry. Looking at its history, the company’s growth greatly surpassed other musical instrument retailers. They have opened nearly 70 stores in the last decade. Their store openings draw a massive crowd and attract a lot of attention giving them enormous publicity. GC acquired Music & Arts Center in 2005 and with that 62 new stores in the US. Because of that GC now caters to a broader group of customers. This has brought them a larger market share and additional market segments. GC has been financially stable from the beginning. The company has a positive attitude about complying with professional accounting standards. There were never any relevant accounting issues associated with the company. With its
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5473_2 - Analysis of Client Acceptance (Guitar Center):...

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