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Outline for Final Paper 2 notes

Outline for Final Paper 2 notes - V This new breakthrough...

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Jacob Sutker I. Thesis: In The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie , Muriel Sparks shows that there is an imbalance between body and mind in the classroom which causes Sandy to fantasize about sexuality and ultimately lead to her betrayal of Miss Brodie. II. Prove that Miss Brodie has created an imbalance between body and mind in the classroom III. Since Miss Brodie forces facts and opinions into her girl’s minds and deals less with the sexual and emotional aspect of life, Sandy experiments with an alternate way to deal with sexuality. She fantasizes. IV. These fantasies lead her to discover herself in ways that Miss Brodie’s teaching did not allow. She discovers her body in a mature manner.
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Unformatted text preview: V. This new breakthrough to Sandy is what promotes her betrayal of Miss Brodie. VI. Conclusion Well Jake, the chain of reasoning here seems like something you could follow through… if you are sharp in defining your terms and explaining your logic. Depending on the evidence you used, your thesis might be plausible, but because you don’t say what sections of the text you’ll be using and trace your steps in more detail, I can’t guarantee the essay will work. Given the short amount of time remaining, you should start working however, and try to explain yourself as clearly as possible....
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