End of the Cold War

End of the Cold War - End of the Cold War Eastern camp-...

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Eastern camp- communist Europe Western camp- US 1950’s- Khrushchev initiated talks 1969- two side sought to negotiate towards common understanding Soviets introduced the idea of peaceful coexistence 1969-late 1970’s : detente – lessening of cold war tensions 1979-1985: more tension Richard Nixon was anti-communist, but he thought that US could not ignore or attack the Soviet Union, but he wanted to talk and negotiate with them The Salt One Treaty between Nixon and Brezhnev 1972 Changes underway in Soviet Union- Stalin died in 1953 and Khrushchev took over Khrushchev openly said there were crimes under Stalin to salvage the image of communism From 1950s easing of political repression, but not total freedom by any means Brezhnev after Khrushchev from 1964 to 1982 Brezhnev cut back on criticism of Stalin, he believed there were a lot of positives under Stalin, country was powerful Cracked down on intellectuals who voiced opinions that did not coincide with party lines Dissidents- people who did not go alone with party line Trademark of Brezhnev’s power- economic stagnation: standard of living not improving, conditions in cities uncomfortable, no consumer goods available, villages impoverished, agriculture suffered, people to turned to alcohol, primarily vodka- 50% of average citizens’ disposable income went towards vodka, people had a lax attitude towards work; doesn’t matter where I work as long as I don’t work; I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me; if vodka interferes with work, don’t work. Party dignitaries lived luxuriously and people started to doubt the system and criticize the
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End of the Cold War - End of the Cold War Eastern camp-...

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