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Europe's role in the world following WWII

Europe's role in the world following WWII - Katie Harris...

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Katie Harris Intro. to European Civilization 1026 November 29, 2007 Europe’s Role in the World Following World War II Ending in 1945, World War II had a drastic effect on all countries involved. Its consequences were especially important in Europe regarding its own stability and interactions with the rest of the world. Many countries were unable to maintain their various colonies, Germany was left with almost irreparable damages, and the beginning of the Cold War greatly affected international relationships. Europe as a whole cannot be categorized with regards to its role in the world; the diversity of viewpoints in the different countries created a unique dynamic. Because of the intense hit Europe took in World War II, its role as an influential imperial force was altered. It no longer held the capability to invest in its colonies around the world, primarily in Africa and Asia. In addition, the colonies themselves saw Europe as less powerful after the war and therefore lost respect for their mother countries. Great Britain and other larger and more powerful countries
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