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Political Science 104 II,06-07 Professor Mayer Study Guide for Second Midterm Content: The exam will cover all class material from The Presidency (February 22nd on the syllabus) through Bureaucracy and Implementation (March 29 th on the syllabus). This exam will consist of approximately 25-30 multiple choice questions and a small short answer section. . Note that the subject outline is an outline , not a complete, detailed, and exclusive listing: use your head, and be able to fill in the reasonable blanks. Textbook: chapters 6 (presidency), 8 (courts), 9 (public opinion), 10 (elections), 11 (parties), 12 (groups and interests), 13 (media) Note: while you need to do the assigned reading below in chapter 7 of the reader, you are not required to read chapter 7 of the text for this exam Reader: chapter 6 – Presidency (readings 29, 30, and the mandate debate 31-33) chapter 7 – Bureaucracy (readings 34 and 35) chapter 8 – courts (readings 39, 40, 42, 43) chapter 9 – Public opinion (readings 44,45, and 47-49)
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