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Political Science 104-1 II, 06-07 Professor Mayer Study Guide for First Midterm Content: The exam will cover all class material up to and through the lectures and reading material on the Congress. This exam will consist of a combination of multiple choice questions (approximately 30-35) and open ended short answer questions (approximately 3-4). You will have the full class period to complete the exam. You are responsible for all of the readings and subjects covered in the course, but those listed below will be emphasized. Note that the subject outline is an outline , not a complete, detailed, and exclusive listing: use your head, and be able to fill in the reasonable blanks. EXAM: Tuesday, March 1, in the following rooms: LAST NAME A-K 272 Bascom LAST NAME L-Z 125 Ag Hall Textbook: Lowi, Ginsberg, and Shepsle, chapters 1,2,3,4,5 Text of the Constitution (focus on Articles I and II, and Amendments 1, 4, 5, and 14) Reader: 1 (Hartz, Wood, and Smith on political culture; debate on role of religion in politics)
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