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Political Science 104-1 II, 06-07 Professor Mayer Study Guide for Final Exam Content: The exam will emphasize all class material from March 29 on the syllabus (Bureaucracy); about two-thirds of the exam will consist of questions drawn from this section, with one-third drawn from earlier parts of the course. The exam will follow the format of the midterms, with approximately 40 multiple choice items and a short answer section. You will have the full 2 hour period to complete the exam. You are responsible for all of the subjects covered in the course, but those listed below will be emphasized. Note that the subject outline is an outline , not a complete, detailed, and exclusive listing: use your head, and be able to fill in the reasonable gaps. I will not ask a specific question about a reading not mentioned on this guide. Textbook: Lowi and Ginsberg, chapters 7, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 (first part of course, chapters 3-6, but, again, with respect to how the subjects relate to the later class themes)
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