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Jack Goodfriend (Phil Ashkanaz, Jenny Corbit, Ann Honor) Political Science 252 Midterm 2 1. Jawaharlal Nehru A) Jawaharlal Nehru would think the future of a minority Muslim population could thrive in a predominantly Hindu India. The criminalization of discrimination would let him believe that Hindus and Muslims could live together in harmony. Nehru would like the future because of what the committee would like to do with education to provide incentives for higher education facilities to let in Muslims. He would also like how the government is trying to promote small business to Muslims. He said that “we have to lay greater stress on many small industries in our villages, make them slightly urbanized, lessen the gap between them and the urban areas” (Sources of Indian Tradition 352). He wants to equalize the opportunities between the rich and the poor in India and the different religions. B) Nehru would believe that the committee’s findings to form an Equal Opportunity Commission that would look into the problems that minorities have had is a good idea. In his time, Nehru was a strong supporter of education reform. The committee suggests that funds be given to colleges and universities for having a diverse population. Nehru helped increase the representation of minorities in government and the committee wants to have incentives to ensure equal opportunities in governernment and education. Post-independence, laws prohibiting caste-discrimination and untouchability were passed and he would support them. In 1954, he wanted to form “a socialist pattern of society which is classless, casteless” (Sources of Indian Tradition 349). C) He would not like how Muslims are placed above Hindus in the committee’s recommendations regarding hostel facilities for students. He believes in equal rights and unbiased actions to who is Muslim and who is Hindu. Nehru would have found that the way that Pakistan became a state was not the correct way. He would believe in peace and tolerance of other religion. When the Muslim League called for the establishment of Pakistan, the estimates run into the millions of people who
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lost their lives in the transfer of populations. The killing of Hindus by Muslims and the killing of Muslims by Hindu would severely challenge his views of the ability of a minority Muslim population to live in India. 2. Bhim Rao Ambedkar A) Bhim Rao Ambedkar would not be optimistic about the future of Muslims in India. He would see through his struggles to gain equality that the Hindus do not want to change the way India is set up because the higher castes gain all of the advantages and they do not want to give those up. When the Muslims were trying to create Pakistan because they did not feel they could coexist with the Hindus, he said that “the Hindus see that the Muslim move for independence is not innocent. It is strategy. It is to be used only to bring the Hindus out of the protecting shield of the British Empire in the open and then by alliance with the neighboring Muslim countries and by their aid subjugate them.” He
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Midterm 2 Paper - Jack Goodfriend(Phil Ashkanaz Jenny...

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