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Mauryan Empire Terms Arthashastra: text written by Kautilya about the economic policies of the Mauryan Empire, compared to the Machiavellian ideas from “The Prince” Megasthenses: Greek city state ambassador who wrote stories about the Mauryan Empire Karma: the idea of the constant cycle of life, in which your actions in this life have effects on your rebirth in the next Dharma: the idea of having a religious duty and an excuse for the caste system Timeline Empire went from the Hindu Kush – the Deccan Plateau/Bay of Bengal Alexander the Great conquers Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East into India 1. Chandragupta (324 – 301 BC) Jain a. Influenced by Alexander the Great and formed the first empire on Indian soil b. 301 BC abdicated the throne to become a Jain monk c. Kautilya was his prime minister and chief advisor who wrote Arthashastra 2. Bhundasara (301-269 BC) Hindu a. Not much is known about him except that he continued trading with Greece and was a Hindu ruler 3. Ahsoka (269- 232 BC) most important ruler, Buddhist a. Started as a ruthless ruler but after seeing all the death and destruction he stopped i. Adopted Buddhist policy of peace and non violence because he had no serious enemies left in India b. Famous for the inscriptions, describing ethics and religion, on the stone pillars he constructed throughout his empire c. Was the first Buddhist king The Mauryan Empire is seen as a figure of unity, an indigenous development, and a sophisticated and developed empire, described as having a million man army 4. Time of Fragmentation a. After the death of Ashoka the empires economy was falling into disrepair because it was lacking a leader that had Ashoka’s charisma and leadership b. 184 BC there was a military coup by the generals which tore apart the once great empire into a bunch of small kingdoms. Nomads invaded i. There are groups throughout central asia awaiting India to have a weak moment to come and invade 1. Shakas (Scythians) began their invasion in the first century and
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INDIA REVIEW SHEET weingart - Mauryan Empire Terms...

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