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Jack Goodfriend Jay Cerra has never done a fundraising event before and he put the 8th graders in charge of the event. He should run the event himself and not trust the kids handling all of the money. The tickets are unnumbered so it is impossible to tell if a specific kid brought back less money than he should have because you do not know who was given what ticket so he should have used numbered tickets. He also needs to know and keep track of how many tickets each person takes so he can have a system of
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Unformatted text preview: accounting and verifying they bring in the right amount of money and they know how many tickets are sold. He should not give out keys to the money box because collecting and holding money should be separated to different people. Keith also should have made the DJ give him a receipt for the records. If he used proper internal control principles he would have had the correct amount of money to give to the principal....
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