ANTH3exam2 - Anthropology: Race, Intelligence, and Science...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology: Race, Intelligence, and Science (10/9) Rushton (author of readings) treats race as real and having a genetic basis that is expressed in social behavior challenges what we have learned in that phenotypic characteristics we associate with race really evolved as adaptations to particular environments our species is polytypic the traits we associate with race are continuous variation biological evolution takes time, culture helps us adapt to certain areas much quicker he is controversial Sociobiology statistics conserve theories of race and intelligence very well Ruston naturalizes race Readings critiques the nurture, nature debates; positions himself between the racists and antiracists in the world Paints himself as balanced and rational Sociobiology and the Differential K Theory Useful in the measure of fertility and offspring Study of insects and other kinds of animals; theories and models were designed to explain behaviors of these Sociobiology: The study of the biological and genetic determinates of behavior and evolution Suggests that organisms are merely carriers of DNA and that human, cultural behavior is actually structured or even determined by our genes Differential K Theory: the intersection of Sociobiology of science and determinism, provides a biologically rooted explanation for reproductive strategies o R Selection strategy: they reproduce rapidly and in great numbers in order to enhance their survival rate and thus enhance the survival rate of their lineage; in situations of danger, these creatures tend to have short life-spans o K Selection: reflect adaptation and stable environments where danger is minimal; have longer life spans Reproductive logic is also applied to humans, using the language of science and the power of genes to claim reproductive patterns Differential K theory is applied to specific groups of the human species instead of the entire species; implies to races Rushtons Heroes Preceded: Peter Camper father of craniology; claimed Africans were the most p? Preceded: Samuel Morton craniology; empiricist, objectivist, believed strongly in rigorous scientific research but didnt do this when he studied race; findings of his research were kept; was against slavery, but was against because he believed slavery mixed the races and drew down the purity of the white race...
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ANTH3exam2 - Anthropology: Race, Intelligence, and Science...

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