ANTH4exam2 - Anthropology Linguistics (10/16) Questions How...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology Linguistics (10/16) Questions How is language arbitrary? Why did language evolve? What does language have to do with my brain or who I interact with? What are some of the fundamental concepts and terms of language studies and linguistics? Whats behind the idea that language is performed? Is it human language and communication that makes humans distinct in the world of animals? What is it about our language that makes us different and unique? Language and Communication Formal language is a medium and communication formal means of using that medium; inseparable Language form, type of communication; communication act of transmitting information Both are the original expression of what we mean by multimedia a range of mediums and senses are used to communicate in very complex ways, use things like symbols, gestures Language has evolved over a long period of time, believe for the most part that language developed in conjunction with the development of the brain (homo) Survival of our species was enhanced by language Growing view that natural selection favored interactive development of communicative behavior, increasing neuro-complexity, brain development, and the development of our vision and touch (tactile) senses Allows us to know and understand things and not have to relearn over time, can engage in complex activities Growing knowledge based occurred along with the development of complex language and social change Language is between 2 million and 150,000 years old Capacity to create tools some believe indicates the creation of language Paintings, drawings, sculptures No consensus on when it evolved, depends on what kind of evidence we have or theory or...
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ANTH4exam2 - Anthropology Linguistics (10/16) Questions How...

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