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LFIT7 - Practicing safe fitness What types of injuries...

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Practicing safe fitness What types of injuries might occur in an exercise program? Fracture- crack or break in the bone that requires some degree of immobilization Contusion- a bruise of skin, fat, or muscle tissue Sprain- damage to a ligament (structure that connects bone to bone, providing joint stability) Strains- separation or tearing of muscle fibers Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)- soreness following physical activity that you are not accustomed to. Micro-tears in muscle Tendonitis- inflammation of a tendon (structure which connects muscle to bone) Bursitis- inflammation of a bursa (membrane that functions to reduce friction between bone and ligaments, bone and tendons, and muscle and ligament) Low back pain- one of the most common, annoying, disabling ailments o Causes: imbalances between strength and flexibility of muscle groups associated with low back o Training strength and flexibility Treatment and management of injuries First aid and management techniques are fairly simple and straightforward
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  • Spring '08
  • Baggalini
  • Physical exercise, Heat cramps, onset muscle soreness, muscle Tendonitis- inflammation, muscle tissue Sprain

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