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Unformatted text preview: ECE 2574 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms Lecture 14: Queues Reading: Chapter 7 Chris Wyatt Electrical and Computer Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences Virginia Tech Announcement I am removing my Wednesday office hour. They are now: Monday 4-5 Thursday 1-2 Other times by appointment Monday Schedule Queue ADT Linked List Implementation of queue Survey (Lisa Darlington, last 20 minutes) The Queue ADT is a list in which the first item inserted is the first item retrieved. Unlike the stack, a queue is a "fair" system. Example: the first person in line is the first person to be served. Queues have a front and a rear (also called the back). rear front The Queue ADT Basic Queue operations // Create an empty queue +createQueue() // Destroy a queue +destroyQueue() //Determine if a queue is empty //Precondition: None //Postcondition: returns true is the queue is empty, else false +isEmpty(): boolean Inserting into a queue is called an enqueue. // adds new item to the queue //Precondition: valid queue //Postcondition: queue is 1 larger returns true/false if succeeds/fails +enqueue(in newItem:QueueItemType): boolean Removing an item from a Queue is called a dequeue. // remove the front item in the queue //Precondition: valid queue //Postcondition: queue is 1 smaller, front item removed returns true/false if succeeds/fails +dequeue(): boolean // retrieve and remove the front item in the queue //Precondition: valid queue //Postcondition: queue is 1 smaller, front item removed returns true/false if succeeds/fails +dequeue(out stackTop:QueueItemType): boolean Retrieving from the Queue without removing the item, i.e. retrieving the front item. // retrieves the item currently at the queue front. //Precondition: valid queue //Postcondition: places queue front in queueFront output returns true/false if succeeds/fails +getFront(out queueFront:QueueItemType): boolean Queue Example: printer buffers In class exercise: After each of the following operations, what are the contents of the queue ? 1. queue q; 2. q.enqueue(41); 3. q.enqueue(12); 4. q.enqueue(8); 5. q.dequeue(); 6. q.enqueue(36); 7. q.dequeue(); 8. q.dequeue(); Linked List Implementation of the Queue (see QueueP.h and QueueP.cpp) Download QueueP.zip From Black-Board under Course Documents Linked List implementation of the Queue ADT. Inserting at the rear (back) of the queue. Removing from the front of the queue. In class exercise Write a set of tests in main.cxx that test the Queue class. Warmup Due before noon on Wednesday. ...
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