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BIOLOGY REVIEWER Bio Life Logia- Study of Biology Study of life; deals with living Life- Vital and functioning being from a dead body To know if an object is ALIVE: Evolution Response to stimuli Energy use Reproduction Growth and Development Homeostasis All living things adapt to their environment through EVOLUTION Adaptation- Process that enables organisms to become better suited to their environment. Species obtain adaptations through evolution over great period of time. Phototropism When plants turn or bend toward light/ reaction to light Thigmotropism Reaction to touch (makahiya) ORGANISMS REACTION TO STIMULI: Light Temperature Odor Sound Gravity Heat Water Pressure Reproduction Production of offspring in animals and plants; making a copy or a likeliness. Sexual- Involves the combination of female and male sex cells. - Two different parent organisms contribute genetic. Asexual- A single parent organism reproducing by itself. Living organisms need ENERGY to grow, develop, repair damage, and reproduce. Anabolism - Process of building up complex substances from simpler substances. - Building up cells and cellular components Ex: Photosynthesis Catabolism- Breaking down complex substances into simpler substances to release energy. Ex: Cellular Respiration, Digestion Metabolism - Total of all chemical reactions in an organism. - Anabolism Catabolism Metabolism - CO 2 H 2 O ENERGY ORGANISMS MAINTAIN HOMEOSTASIS - A stable state of condition in the body that is necessary for life. - Body temperature - Blood Volume - PH balance SMALLEST UNIT CAPABLE OF ALL LIFE FUNCTIONS Unicellular organisms - Entire organism is made up of one single cell Ex: Bacteria and Protists Multicellular organisms - The organism is made up of many cells - Cells have specialized functions within the organism ALL LIVING THINGS GROW - Growth means to get bigger in size ALL LIVING THINGS DEVELOP - Involves a change in the physical form or physiological, make-up an organism Organ Organ system Organism Population IS VIRUS ALIVE? - Viruses don’t qualify as being alive. They are, in essence, inert unless they come into contact with a living cell. There are some characteristics of viruses that put them on the borderline (of being alive) they have generic material: DNA or RNA. Without a cell, virus cannot reproduce. So from
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