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ACC 312 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting Midterm Exam 2, Spring 2018 1 Test Form A Name ________________________________________________________________________ UTEID _____________________________________ Instructor _____________________________________________ Class Days ___________________ Time _______________________ The University’s honor code requires you to do your own work on this exam and not give or receive assistance. Please affirm your agreement by writing “I will not cheat on this exam” and signing your name. AFFIRMATION: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________________________________ DO NOT OPEN until given instructions to do so. Instructions Pages are numbered sequentially, including this page. Confirm that you have 16 pages. 1. Answers to Multiple-Choice Questions should be recorded on your Scantron. A. On your Scantron answer sheet, write and bubble in only your name, UTEID, and the “Test Form” letter noted above. B. Use a #2 pencil only to mark your responses on your Scantron answer sheet. Mark clearly and erase completely as needed. Only the multiple-choice answers marked on your Scantron answer sheet will be graded. C. The time allotted for the exam includes the time required to “bubble-in” your Scantron answer sheets. It is cheating to take extra time to bubble in the answer sheet after time is up for the exam and we will respond accordingly. 2. Answers to Problems should be recorded on the exam itself, in the space provided. We can only award partial credit (where earned) if you show your work legibly and in the space provided. Scratch paper is for your use only and will not be considered in grading. 3. Cell phones, books, notes, computers/laptops/tablets, and programmable calculators are NOT allowed at your desk during the exam. Calculators capable of storing text are NOT allowed. If you attempt to use a disallowed device, we will confiscate it without providing a substitute and you will be left to complete the exam at a significant disadvantage. You also could face academic integrity charges. 4. In the interest of minimizing disruptions and making sure all students have exactly the same information on the exam, only the following kinds of questions may be asked during the exam: a. Vocabulary questions relating to non-course-specific words; b. Questions about a possible mistake in the exam. In the latter case, you should then continue working on other questions. If a mistake is confirmed, we will answer by making an announcement to the whole class. If no announcement is made in a short period of time, you may assume that the problem is correct as written. 5. When you are finished, bring your exam, Scantron, and scratch paper to the front of the room. Insert any scratch paper behind the front page of your exam, and place your exam and Scantron in the appropriate piles as directed. EXAMS WITHOUT SIGNED AFFIRMATIONS WILL NOT BE GRADED .
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