Artificial Intelligence Revision - TAI2151 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FUNDAMENTALS Trimester 1 Session 2019/2020 Revision 1(Question Student ID Student

Artificial Intelligence Revision - TAI2151 ARTIFICIAL...

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TAI2151 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FUNDAMENTALS Trimester 1, Session 2019/2020 Revision 1 (Question) Student ID: _____________ Student Name:_______________________________________ Question 1 (a) Define an agent and a rational agent . (2 marks) (b) The Turing test was designed to provide a satisfactory operational definition of intelligence. A human communicates with a computer via a teletype. The objective is to find out whether the human can tell he/she is talking to a computer or another human. (i) To pass the test, the agent (i.e. the computer) will need to possess 4 capabilities. List all 4 capabilities. (2 marks) (ii) To pass the total Turing test, list the 2 additional capabilities that the agent will need to possess. (1 mark) (c) Based on percepts, actions, goals and environment, agents can be basically classified as goal-based, simple reflex, reflex with state, or utility-based agents. Compare the differences of each type of agent. (4 marks) (d) What is the claim made by strong AI as opposed to weak AI. (1 mark)
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