Staring at the ceiling

Staring at the ceiling - Wash away the blood revealing...

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“Goodbye” Drifting off into the ceiling My mind void, darken of all human feeling Feeling so emotionally cold So many lies I’ve told What secrets lie beneath the smile? Chocking on memories, like bitter bile My mind is going insane Gag on pills to end the pain Screaming for merciful death Not wanting to take this next breath Internally searching for a reason why Dark truth beneath these soulless eyes
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Unformatted text preview: Wash away the blood, revealing scars My soul violated under the cold winter stars This emptiness fills my heart I’ve been ripped and torn apart I’ll lose myself in this void All my memories shall be destroyed I shall no longer hide For the soul inside has died My guardian angel bears me not As I whisper my tragic, Goodbye...
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