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The case I watched was on Judge Judy

The case I watched was on Judge Judy - this case but she...

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CrimJ 220 2/8/08 Homework 2/8 The case I watched was on Judge Judy. The case was between Leonard Stalliviere, (Plaintiff), and his ex-wife, Jolene Stalliviere, (Defendant). Leonard was suing her for a lawn mower, $2,500, and a big screen T.V., $3,900, which weren’t fully paid for. He states that he had given her a loan for both those items and she never paid them back. Jolene states that she paid for more than the lawn mower was worth. She also paid more than half of the T.V. She also states that he is only here, because he was brought to court to pay back child support he owed. During the whole case, Leonard was very arrogant and aggressive towards Judge Judy. She asked him about the child support and he stated that he paid $300 a month. He was ordered to pay her $3,100, by the court, in child support. He told Judge Judy that this had no relevance to
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Unformatted text preview: this case, but she stated otherwise. Jolene showed Judge Judy bank statements that showed that she had paid $2,925 on the lawn mower account. Her other bank statement showed that she paid $2,541 towards the T.V. account. Judge Judy stated that since his motive was out of rage that this whole case was dismissed. This court show is for both educational and entertainment purposes. For instance, most of the cases are about stupid disputes, that most people find entertaining. On the other hand, this show also is real and takes it seriously. They show real cases and real people. They educate the public about some cases in which many others can have. They show how to avoid being scammed and losing money. I personally think that more people should watch the show and learn some things....
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