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Video Review- - MUSI 3021 Video Review 2510.1 Turnim hed Turnim hed Courtship and Music in Papua New Guinea The video has focus on courtship and

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MUSI 3021 Video Review: 2510.1: Turnim hed Turnim hed: Courtship and Music in Papua New Guinea The video has focus on courtship and music in Papua New Guinea. This video follows the musical trial of young man, Kube, who is persuade and wins his girl, only to find that her clan demands more pigs for her dowry than he can raise form his relations. Courship is not easy for Chimbu people in Papua New Guinea. In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, a woman chooses her spouse not for his appearance, wealth, or personality. A woman chooses her spouse on the quality of his singing. As a result, men in Papua New Guinea spend much of their time to compose songs and prepare for the courtship ritual which is “Turnim Hed.” “Turnim Hed” is Pidgin English for “Turning Heads.” Men in Papua New Guinea decorate themselves with feathers, paint, and shells. They sing to the girls, who roll their heads in appreciation. The Chimbu people sing and play the flute in most aspects of daily life and ritual.
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