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Study guide for exam 2 - Short Definition/Answer I How is...

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Short Definition/Answer I How is the South Indian tala divided up? - drum cycles, keep track using clapping system on hands, most common type triputa, common type for tala is the adi tala.Made of threee different elements, anudrutam, drutam, laghu. (clapping system) List and describe 4 of India's "Claims to Fame" - early civilization, highest mountain peaks (everest), manmade things such as the taj mahal, hinduism and buddhism originated there, bollywood What is the theka? - in a tala, the drum strokes have certain words, the entire pattern or set of words the drummer calls the notes (one cycle long) What is the highest mountain peak in the world, and what mountain range is it in? How were both named? - everest, himalayas, everest guy who climbed it, hima-snow layla-home in Sanskrit In regards to Indian raga music, what is a rasa? - how you feel, the mood that creates a similar state of mind in the music of the musician and the listener Define a guru - a master of art and teacher, student is an apprintice, teaches about music and life, highly respected and honored Describe a Bhajan - hindu equilivant of a hymn, folk and religious genre, sung by lay (common) people, can make them up or traditional. Who is Ravi Shankar? - India's most famous musician, plays the sitar Define a North Indian tala. - drummer plays a cycle of strokes, closed cycle, fixed number of beats, tin tal has 16 beats divided into 4 groups most well known, end on the 1st note of next section (triputa in the south) How many languages does the Indian constitution says there are? - 16 What two countries used to be no-man’s land in the South Asia region? Which countries or world powers are associated with each country? - Afghanistan, Iran
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What are the names for the Southern and Northern Indian classical music culture? - hindustani North, carnatic (kriti for singing) South Which instrument introduces the tala? - tabla drums Name the principal elements of Hindu music. - tone (drone), melody(story), and rhythm Describe the differences between the great and small traditions in Indian music - great- court and religious music, small- common and folk music What is a playback singer? - in Bollywood, a handful of singers who perform the singers, only a few people actually sing in all the films regardless of who is on film What type of Carnatic music is most common? - kriti (religious music) What is the singing structure in Bhajan music? Explain. - call-and-response music , leader sings and people repeat him
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Study guide for exam 2 - Short Definition/Answer I How is...

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