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3021 weekly questions part 1 Multiple choice What is the term for assuming that your culture’s music is “normal” music? A. Semiotics B. Ethnocentrism C. Fieldwork D. Ethnomusicology What are three labels that the Miller and Shahriari book gives to types of music A. folk, classical, native B. folk, traditional, classical C. folk, classical, popular D. classical, traditional popular Which of the following terms are usually used interchangeably although they do not mean the same thing A. popular and folk B. folk and classical C. classical and traditional D. traditional and folk Which of the following is NOT mentioned as one of the three terms most commonly used to classify music A. Folk B. Contemporary C. Classical D. Popular What is not an example of transmission described in Wade Chapter 1 A. Oral B. Visual C. Aural D. Written Which of the following is not defined under timbre A. Interval B. Chordophone C. Aerophone D. Idiophone What is Not an example of an aerophone? A. Flute B. Reed C. Harps D. Trumpets Which of the following would not be considered music in Western European aesthetics? A. a bird B. a Russian ballad C. the honk of a car horn D. . a French minuet E. None of the above The lamellophone falls under which of the following categories of instruments: A. aeorphone B. membranophone C. idiophone D. chordophone How many classification of instrument types did the Chinese ya-yin system have A. 4 B. 5 C. 8 D.10 Which of the following is not true? A. Music can serve a spiritual role in the lives of individuals B. The study of music’s function requires deep level cultural knowledge and can entail much interpretation C. Ritual context is not an important context form music D. Technology has played a key role in the development of ethnomusicology What terms means outsider perspective
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A. etic B. emic C. attic D. didactic Which of the following has had an effect on the way music is performed, learned and listened to? A. Technology B. diminishing natural materials C. trade of goods and services between countries D. all of the above Which of the following is not a function of rhythm A. tempo B. accent C. interval D. meter What term is used to describe the distance between two pitches? A. Range B. Interval C. Beat D. Velocity Which of the following is NOT in used normally in association with the word “classical?” A. Music involving an orchestra B.. Relating to Greek and roman cultures C. Referencing dead male European composed music D. Characterized to be of East Asian origin Vocables are A. the vocal abilities of an individual B. seemingly meaningless syllables in a song C. tables on which vocalists perform that enhance the perceived sound D. specialized East Asian instrument Which of the following is a description of timbre? A. sweet and sour
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Study Guide Exam 1 - 3021 weekly questions part 1 Multiple...

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