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Multiple choice . What instrument is not usually a part of North Indian Raga? A. Sarod B. tabla C. tambura D. harmonium This is the articulated mood that creates a like mind between the raga performer and his audience. A. alap B. ragamala C. jhala; D. rasa Which is not an official language of India? A. English B. Tamil C. Hindi D. Farsi What is the dominant religion in India? A. Islam B. Hinduism C. Judaism D. Sikhism The Indian city of Mumbai was formerly called: A. New Delhi B. Calcutta C. Bombay D. Dhaka Bollywood is known for its: A. jazz music B. folk music C. classical music D. film music Which of the following is not a country in the region that used to be classified as India? A. Pakistan B. India C. Bangladesh D. Turkey Which grouping system is most popular grouping for the tala? A. 2 count B. 4 count C. 7 count D. 8 count Which of the following countries is not a part of South Asia? A. Nepal B. Sri Lanka C. Bangladesh D. Vietnam Who were not early colonizers of the Indian subcontinent? A. Dutch B. French C. British D. Portuguese Which of these countries is considered the central one in South Asia A. Myanmar B. Pakistan C. Afghanistan D. India The beginning section of a raga is the: A. Alap B. Tala C. Gat D. Jor Which instrument would not carry the melody in a raga? A. Sarandi B. Tabla C. Sarod D. sitar The improvisational introduction of classical North Indian music is called the A. susap B. alap C. guru D.tintal The three main elements of Indian classical music do not include
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A. melody B. drone C. text D. rhythm Bollywood” is a term used to refer to the Indian film industry. It is comprised of the following two terms: D. Business and Hollywood Hindustani music is closely related to A. processional music B. religious music C. ritual music D. court music The earliest Hindu sacred writings are called A. Illiads B. Ramayanas C. Vedas D. Mecas Which Western social groups are not comparable to the Baul group? A. Bohemians B. Republicans C. Hippies D. Beatniks What is the free reed pump organ used in Bhajan songs A. duduk B. sitar C. Harmonium D. tabla What is the name for the classical culture of South India A. Dravidian B. Hindustani C. Carnatic D. Pallavi The tambura is A. a South Indian tambourine B. A four stringed chordophone that drones C. a Calcutta violin D. A Hindustani ragmala The principle element of India music is A. tone B. melody C. rhythm D. intonation Which is not an instrument from South India? A. Serunai B.vina C. nagavaram D. Bansuri What are the subunits of meter in South Indian tala called? A. anga B. adi tala C. tamboura D. Bhana Which of the following did not invade Northern India? A. The Aryans
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Study Guide Exam 2-A - Multiple choice. What instrument is...

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