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Study Guide Exam 3 - Music of the Middle East West Asia...

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Music of the Middle East, West Asia Multiple choice. Which of these countries is not included in the Middle East? A. Israel B. Egypt C. Madagascar D. Iraq Which of the following is not a major unit of the Middle East A. Maghrib B. Mashriq C. India D. Arabian peninsular The following religion did not originate in the Middle East A. Buddhism B. Bahai C. Zoroastrian C. Christianity What is a type of Egyptian ensemble? A. Thaat B. Gamelan C. Takht D.Alexandria In the Islamic denomination of Sufi the practice of Dhikr is generally: A. cheerfully, joyful B. sad, longing C. angry, fierce D. evil, sinister Which of the following is not true? A. dumm and takk define individual rhythmic modes B. mode and mood are linguistically related and musically articulated C. rhythmic mode is does not bear particular expressive qualities D. rhythmic mode is defined by a skeletal pattern What is not included in a Middle Eastern rhythmic mode? A. dumm B. dinn C. takk What is the Turkish name for the daily Islamic call to prayer? A. ud B. cantillation C. adhan D.shiah Which of the following is not true of the ud? A. it is pear shaped B. it is a lute C. it usually has 5 strings D. it is used only in nonclassical music Amazing feats, such as chewing on glass or walking on hot coals, can be found in this musical tradition: A. the Sufi dhikr ceremony B. the Persian dastgah C. the Arabic maqamat tradition D.the Jewish cantillation This instrument is said to be the forefather of the lute A. qanun B. biwa C.ud D. tar This Arabic ensemble type can accompany singers or just be instrumental A. mawwal B. usul C. firqa D. piphat
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The instrument with special significance in dhikr ceremonials is A. nay B. violin C. dumbek D. vina Which of the following might feature belly dancers? A. Muslim worshippers
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Study Guide Exam 3 - Music of the Middle East West Asia...

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