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CNED 302 1/28/08 Journal # 2 Before I become a Resident Assistant, I must do some things personally to ensure that I can meet all the requirements. I must fully understand the major responsibility a Resident Assistant takes. I also, must understand time that is involved into taking this position. After all the facts are laid out, I must make sure I am willing to take all of the stresses and responsibilities, that are involved in being Resident Assistant. Nothing scares me about being a Resident Assistant, because I am willing to face anything that is thrown at me. There are massive amounts of responsibilities incorporated with the Resident Assistant position. These responsibilities are very important and can affect not only the Resident Assistant themselves, but also the residents of the floor. I must look at all these key factors and determine whether or not I am prepared in taking all of the responsibility. Some responsibilities I must undertake are, being there for my residents, completing all my duties associated with the Resident Assistant position, and making
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Unformatted text preview: sure I can complete my own work. All the responsibilities are time consuming, which brings up another issue. The ability to have great time management skills is very important. I already have a good way of time management skills. For example, every day I write a To-Do-List for that day and complete the list before I go to sleep. I also, place all my syllabus's onto my bulletin board to see what each day has in store. All this ensures that I am staying on schedule and completing everything that needs to be done. This works now, but I need to be ready to change it, because when I am a Resident Assistant things might be more stressful. All in all, I think I am ready for anything that this position throws at me. I am the type of person who can get into a situation and cope with it, to figure of a plan of attack. I am always thinking of new ways to better myself and others. To me, learning never ends and is something I will have to keep with me all throughout my life....
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