Book 107 - History 107 2/19/08 Book 10 Gawan goes to...

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History 107 2/19/08 Book 10 Gawan goes to Logrois. He meets a woman helping an injured knight. The knight had been fighting Lischois Gwelljus and was injured. Gawan proceeds to Logrois. He meets Duchess Orgeluse de Logrois. He is infatuated by her and wishes to serve her, but she warns him that he will regret it. He meets some of the town people and they also warn him about her. Secundille sent her subjects with jewels for Anfortas. Malcreatiure makes fun of Gawan, and Gawan throws him around, slicing his own hand. They arrive back at the wounded Urians. The knight says it was Orgeluse who made his injury take place and warns Gawan away from her. Then Urians steals Gawan's horse. Orgeluse makes fun of Gawan. Urians returns, and alludes to a previous combat with Gawan and his ill treatment by King Arthur, then rides away again. The court decided on his execution, but Gawan pleaded successfully for the man's life. Urians was forced to eat at a trough with dogs as his punishment. Gawan decides against riding the nag provided by Malcreatiure, and is scorned by Orgeluse, but he is blinded by love. She takes a ferry across the river, leaving Gawan behind. Gawan next jousts with Lischois Gwelljus, wins, spares his life, and discovers that Lischois is riding Gawan's horse Gringuljete, the one stolen by Urians. It bears a mark of the Grail, and he had been given the horse by Orilus. Lischois starts another fight, wants to die, still loves Orgeluse--but Gawan again spares him. The ferryman Plippalinot tries to lay claim to Gawan's horse, but Gawan offers instead the nag and Lischois. His daughter Bene and his son receive them hospitably, and Gawan asks to have Bene dine with him. Book 11 Gawan awakens in the morning and sees through the window the castle of Clinschor He sees inside are woman who never seem to sleep. He asks Plippalinot and Bene about them they are afraid of it. They tell him that the woman there are held hostage. Plippalinot wishes Gawan can free them. He remebers that yesterday he helped Parzival across the same river. Bene dresses him in his armor. He tells Gawan on how to approach the Castle.
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History 107 2/19/08 Gawan approaches the castle, and as told, leaves his horse with a trader. The trader tells him he will have everything if he just survives. He enters the chamber with the Wonder Bed, where he is attacked by stones that are slung, arrows, and a lion. Wounded, he falls and is knocked out, and is tended by woman sent by Arnive. Arnive supervises and provides herbs to him to get him to sleep. Gawan yearns for Orgeluse. Book 12
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Book 107 - History 107 2/19/08 Book 10 Gawan goes to...

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