Mad Proffesor Story - 1 Lestat Jones is a scientist for the...

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1 Lestat Jones is a scientist for the Stanley Medical Industries and has been working there for almost 30 years. He is one of the best scientists in the company and has been responsible for many medical breakthroughs. He is most well known for his obsession with eternal life and hopes to one day come up with a potion that will sustain life indefinably. His wife doesn't work, but does everything for him, including cleaning the house, doing the laundry, washing dishes, making dinner, and writing checks to pay the bills. He doesn't have to be at work all the time, but chooses to because of his obsession with eternal life. This potion is everything to him and is consuming all of his time. One day his wife asked, “Why don't you just give up and live life before it ends?” As he always, responded back, “Life will never end for me.” She begins to realize it wasn't happening and decides to try and change her husband’s mind. Late one night, Lestat comes home and finds a note on the kitchen counter. It reads, “Live happy with me before it ends.” He knows that this is basically a divorce threat. After sitting in the dining room for an hour, he walks into the bedroom and lies next to her. He whispers into her ear, “Yes I will live happy with you.” She turns to him and says, “I’m glad you made the right decision.” It is not easy for Lestat, however, for he spends the rest of the night he thinking about how to keep working on a solution to his obsession while appeasing his wife. The next day he walks into his boss's office, sits down and just starts talking to his boss. Lestat explains that he can no longer work and wants to retire. His boss starts laughing, and states that he doesn't believe him, but Lestat responds by telling him that it is not a joke. The boss, still in shock, has
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Mad Proffesor Story - 1 Lestat Jones is a scientist for the...

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