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Logical Fallacies Fallacy Description Example Bandwagon Technique Basing the argument on the belief that if an idea is held by a large group of people, it is true. Polls show that Americans prefer their current health care system. (Are there other options? Could a majority be missing the boat?) Card Stacking Emphasizing only the points which support your position, without making any mention of opposing viewpoints. The movie theatre advertises that it will be providing more screens and showings. It does not advertise that it is also raising its prices. Appeal to Authority Citing an authority who is not qualified to have an expert opinion, or citing an expert when other experts disagree on the issue I think that businesses should not have to limit the amount of pollutants they release into the atmosphere because Rush Limbaugh says that there is no real evidence for industrial pollutants causing the Greenhouse Effect. False Analogy
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  • Summer '08
  • ergo propter hoc, current health care, Fallacy Bandwagon Technique, issue Example Polls, increasingly dire consequences

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