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1 Tommy Frey IAH 201 Sec 11 Mass Media and Democracy A few months ago I was at my girlfriend’s house and her dad always watches the CNN headline news. In the middle of a broadcast a screen popped up saying “Breaking News”, and then they began showing Paris Hilton being released from jail. I was amazed that a top news program would stop the nightly news program for Paris Hilton. That is what they had to resort to because apparently more people want to watch Paris walk out of jail than boring political news. News programs have turned into entertainment T.V., they are so worried about their ratings that they would rather show entertaining stories over political news. This just shows the incredible power of the nine top media corporations that dominate the world today. For democracy, this domination by such a concentrated group of people is very troubling. The fact that a small number of executives exercise such enormous amounts of power in what information is communicated to a large amount of people is, to say the least, scary. The media is supposed to uncover the problems in our society, supervise those in power, and present these problems with unbiased opinions to the public (McChesney & Nichols 15). Media is definitely needed for democracy to be successful, but at the same time the way our media is set up now, it can end up ruining democracy. The mass media is the backbone of democracy, they supply the information that the general public base their decisions off. The problem is that there are so many unintended effects and consequences on democracy, which are results from the way our mass media is set up today. The limited mass media corporations available to the general
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2 public operate upon their main corporate interests which promote business and political interest therefore causing deceptive media information. This essay will explain how the media is interested in fulfilling corporate interests, how we need to improve media laws, and what people have been taught to think about the mass media. Mass media has become such a threat to democracy due to the fact that these
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IAH PAPER - 1 Tommy Frey IAH 201 Sec 11 Mass Media and...

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