ISP L TPvsDP - Tommy Frey ISP 217L 11/24/2007 Total...

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Tommy Frey ISP 217L 11/24/2007 Total Phosphorus vs. Dissolved Phosphorus Introduction Phosphorus is one of the essential elements required for all living things. Phosphorus can be found in DNA, RNA, and ATP, and also in bones, rocks, and even teeth. Phosphorus is highly reactive and can even be found in explosives. Phosphorus has no gaseous phase and is a limiting macro-nutrient, which means it is one of the least abundant macro-nutrients on earth. The availability of phosphorus can sometimes be problematic, especially in aquatic environments. When there is too much phosphorus this can create eutrophication to happen when causes the lake to have too much algae, and make the water murky. I believe that in this lab that there will be more total phosphorus in the water than dissolved phosphorus when the algae is present because the algae feeds on the dissolved phosphorus and then never excretes the dissolved oxygen back into the water. When the algae and Daphnia are present then I think that the total phosphorus will still be higher than the dissolved phosphorus but won’t be as much of a difference because the Daphnia
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ISP L TPvsDP - Tommy Frey ISP 217L 11/24/2007 Total...

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