ISP 217 EXERCISE 15 - This class has made me aware of the...

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Tommy Frey ISP 217 11/15/07 Exercise 15 I thought that the most interesting part of this class was learning about global warming. I have heard about global warming and knew it existed, but have never really learned about it or paid any attention to it. I thought the film we watched “An Inconvenient Truth” was really interesting. Some of the things that could happen to the world are really pretty scary. Our coastlines could all go under water, and Europe could even freeze over and we have another ice age. I also learned in the movie and the class how much water affects everything that happens on the earth. Water affects such a wide range of things on the earth and if we begin changing the water temperature of an area it can cause everywhere else in the world to feel its effects in some way.
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Unformatted text preview: This class has made me aware of the different pollutants out there that can pollute the water or the air which can cause the water to change temperatures and then cause storms, melting of ice, and higher ocean levels. Pollution is a problem in the world and there is no way we will ever be able to stop pollution completely, but we need to at least slow it down. The only way we can do that is every one chips in and makes some sacrifices to lower the pollution level throughout the world. If everyone does a little bit to help improve the environment it will make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. A good site on carbon emissions is, check it out....
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ISP 217 EXERCISE 15 - This class has made me aware of the...

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